"The Indian Touch"


Residence for Kulkarni Family




The first impression of the residence is an antique Gold finish Lord Ganesha profile Laser cut jali. It acts as a view panel for the main safety door & the ring handle gives an Indian fort kind of an effect. The first impression says everything about the clients too. The clients design brief had an ethnic look highlighted in every sentence. A semi open partition beautifully accessorized by Mrs. Kulkarni gives a warm look. "Indian Baithakā€Ÿ with bright color cushions & texture paint in the background adds to the warmth. Old furniture was retained & the upholstery & the polish were changed, so that it matches with the new concept. After the makeover it perfectly fitted the "Indian" look. The client loves coming back to a traditionally adorn home. Personally our favorite, this house is an example of logical & wise spending & reusing old furniture pieces.