"The Rings of Pleasure"


Window display for an art store "Ronak"


Juhu, Mumbai

In collaboration with:'GYAT'

'Gyat' is a group of creative souls having expertise in visual merchandising & window display. We strongly believe in developing an idea with as many options & executing it keeping in mind minor details. To sum up, it should act as 'The Bridge 'connecting the Buyer & the Merchandise. 'Gyat' comprises of Gauri Argade , Yashashree Edekar, Amruta Hate, Tejashree Hamav


The shop is strategically located at the turning of juhu beach. The client had asked for an arty display that could highlight the accessories placed. So we played with forms, materials & colors & created a backdrop for the merchandise. We placed the word SALE strategically in huge size so that it's not missed, even if when driving. The white rings have a modern interpretation of crochet tangled on the rim. 6'0" high bendy man in red costume is on display, Clients identify the store "Ronak" with the bendy man. Light string highlights the piece of art and makes it more visible. Punch line "Less is more, we are on sale" helps delivering the message write across.