Pile up!

Resembling pile of boxes, this doodle was sketched to be a TV unit. Each box had different color to it. This in-out design breaks the concept of a typical TV unit storage. Each box is self sufficient & big enough to store or display things.

First Impression!

The initial thought was to break the idea of a typical 'jali' that is used at the entrance safety door. After all they say first impression is the best impression. We surely wanted to cast the best first impression. Thus a laser cut Jali in a Silhouette of Lord Ganesh was made & fixed in the Safety door. This doodle has been a hit & similar ideas have been used in many projects.

Cube show!

Every Mumbai Apartment comes with a pre requisite of using every inch of the available space. This house had an 18 foot long passage waiting to be creatively used. Cubes of various sizes were fixed above a low height cabinet. To break the monotony, these cubes were designed to be of different color & sizes. The passage looks interesting & the design serves the purpose.

'Amplifier' look-alike storage wall!

The columns are always hindrances in Mumbai apartments, as the apartments are small now & the clients always hands over list of requirements to us. The list is undoubtedly long when it comes to available spaces. One of the space was a wall offset in kid's bedroom. This wall offset was utilized as storage space in the form of amplifier. It resembles a sound wave.

Positive & negative spaces!

Inspired from a design principle, this furniture piece is a play of positive & negative spaces. The use of equal negative space, as a balance to positive space, in a composition is considered by many as good design. This basic and often overlooked principle of design gives the eye a "place to rest," increasing the appeal of a composition through subtle means. The term is also used by musicians to indicate silence within a piece. In design language, it partially blocks the view; partially reveal s, ultimately forming a standalone furniture display piece.

The oomph factor!

The question is why design a conventional bathroom when you can do something magnificent. So here a modern stark red floor is matched with black & white checkered tiles making this bathroom vivacious. This space is a morning dose of high spiritedness. Zestful, exuberant, lively, dynamic, peppy you name it, & it has.

Color Obsessed!

A corner of a house storing your best possessions can be quite a show stopper. This cabinet was sketched for a young couple with diverse interest. The one & only common liking were colors. So this piece of furniture depicts riot of colors. Straight out from an artist palate, this chunk speaks for itself.

Now you see me!

This is a drop down bar counter camouflaged with the slate wall. It was designed as a compact unit storing all & showing none. Raised unit gives a floating effect. The unit is technically on an old mechanism combined with a modern show.