Eccentric circles!

This doodle is inspired from famous painting by a Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky – "Squares with Concentric Circles". This conceptual sketch of abstract eccentric circles forms a front face of the wardrobe.

The keg!

This scribble is a Conceptual sketch for an unconventional, dynamic, peppy, modish BEER BARREL seating in a living room.


"For every wall a canvas, thou scribble what you see,

For every mind a wanderer, a life free to think, free to live, free to be"

This is a design in progress for a wall canvas in a studio.

For the love of the brick!!

With the exposed brick concept, combined with purple & yellow color, the living room looks extremely interesting. The play of circular display cabinets in the living room breaks the trend of straight furniture language. 'Chic Modern'describes this living room perfectly. The Show wall has Red color & an Audrey Hepburn painting planned!

Class apart!

Living room with shades of purple on a TV panel, adorned with a modern Victorian mirror & a cowhide butterfly chair makes this room look Classy.

Fresh Lime green!

The living room wall is set to have a rough bottle green color sprayed in combination with shades of green duco paint on circular cabinets. In this set up a Cantilever Chair is planned to make this room simply perfect!